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Xtremio IPTV | ElfHosted

This is a free, public, ElfHosted instance of the Stremio IPTV addon, for the r/StremioAddons community (rate-limits apply).
ElfHosted is an open-source PaaS built and run by geeks, which self-hosts your favorite streaming apps for you automatically and easily. Individual, hosted Xtremio IPTV instances are available (with more relaxed rate-limits) from $0.15/day, with $10 free credit for new accounts.

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e.g. http://DOMAIN.COM:80/get.php?username=USER&password=PASS&type=m3u&output=ts

ℹ️ If the installation button doesn't work, you can just paste the generated URL into the Stremio addon search bar: (Tutorial)